Advisory Committee

  • The advisory committee known as ‘Hexagon Committee’ consists of 6 members from different disciplines of the fine arts. These are practicing fine artists from many different backgrounds and handpicked by the company’s directors. The nominated committee has agreed to serve on a volunteer basis for a period of two years and may continue based on mutual agreement between both sides. The Advisory Committee ensures that the company continues to live up to its vision, long-term missions and values as well as to guide the company in the right direction to fulfill its mission and vision.


  • R. S. Patil
    Sculptor and Art Faculty at Bangalore International School Bengaluru

  • Tushar Bhatt
    Kathak Artist and Founder Kathaakar

  • Mohan Chincholi
    Freelance Photographer

  • Michael O’Neill

  • Ashwini Rudrakshi
    Artist and Art Teacher