• Artisan Courses
    1. Still-Life Painting
    – What you see is what you get ‘whizzywig’
    (5 Weeks, 10 Lessons of 15 Hours)

    Whizzywig – In this course, members will learn about still-life. They will develop skills of observation and recording, and knowledge and understanding of color, tone and composition. They will explore elements of art and the principles of design. They will learn about the ideas and approaches of the cubists and their influences. They will make connections with other artists who worked from still life. Members will draw from direct observation. They will learn about the contrast between nature and man-made objects. They will explore a full range of value of the elements of art. Members will develop skills in shading using a variety of tools.

    2. Landscape Painting
    (5 Weeks, 10 Lessons of 15 Hours)

    What is a better way to capture the beauty of nature than by creating it on your own? Learn to recreate nature around you by capturing it with your paint and brush on the canvas. Learn the techniques of mixing colours to mimic the natural colours.

    3. Portrait Painting– Who Am I ?
    (5 Weeks, 10 Lessons of 15 Hours)

    Who am I ? Isn’t it a million-dollar question ? Put an end to the eternal question of finding oneself by exploring a “Who Am I” project. In this course, members will explore their identity through their own portrait. They will create a self-portrait (selfie) and explore different techniques and mediums. They will develop their drawing and painting skills as well as experiment with different mediums and techniques. They will learn about the ideas, methods and approaches used by other artists who made images of themselves and/or portrayed others. They will also research and investigate their own work and compare it with the work of other artists. They use this learning experience to produce their own self-portrait.

    4. Perspective Drawing
    (5 Weeks, 10 Lessons of 15 Hours)

    How do I create three-dimensional effects in my artwork ? Learn the techniques of perspective to create an illusion of three-dimension effect on a two-dimensional surface. Explore 1, 2 and 3-point perspectives to create a masterpiece of your own. There is nothing better than mastering the art of realism in your artwork by learning these techniques.

    5. Sketching for pleasure – A sketchbook is a wonderful thing. It can be a very personal record of where you have been and what you have seen, a way of communicating your ideas or just a source of simple mindful pleasure for a half an hour sketching in the garden.
    Join us and we’ll help you to overcome your fear of the pencil by working with you to produce sketches of a range of subjects. People and faces, scenes from the great outdoors or something as simple as a beautiful flower.

    Art and Craft Courses

    1. Craft Making
    2. Mask-making
    3. Origami and Paper Art
    4. Recycle Art

    Clay Modelling and Pottery (5 Weeks, 10 Lessons of 15 Hours)
    Feel the clay changing shape in your palm and give a desirable shape to your imagination in our clay and pottery studio. Cherish your long-awaited moment of becoming a sculptor or potter and have fun in our clay and pottery studio with your family and friends. You can learn pottery from the experts and how to turn earthen clay into beautiful, colourful creations using glazing techniques. In this course, members will learn how to construct shapes with clay by pinching, throwing and molding techniques.
    Crash Courses (1 Week, 5 Lessons of 7.5 hours)

    1. Calligraphy
    2. Caricature drawing
    3. Murals and Relief Art
    4. Photography
    5. Pop Art
    6. Screen Printing
    7. Classical and Traditional Arts (Miniature Style painting, Mysore and Tanjavur Style Painting, Warli, Gond and Madhubani)

    Digital Art - (6 Weeks, 12 Lessons 18 Hours)
    1. Create your own character or Comic/Super hero – From the Bayeux Tapestry to the latest adventures of high-flying Superheroes people have always loved telling stories in words and pictures. And everyone from child to adult loves reading them!
    If you have stories you have always wanted to tell, join us and learn how to produce the whole thing from idea to print.
    We’ll show you how to plan out your comic, design your characters and illustrate your story using both hand drawn and digital methods. We’ll even show you how to publish it!
    The sessions will focus on how to build characters, imagery and elements of your favorite characters. You will have the freedom to bring your imagination into being to create your own character through the creative processes.

    2. Children’s book illustration or Comic Book – Have you ever told you children a story and thought “Hey – This would make a great book. If only I knew how”?
    Our sessions will teach you all you need to know about layout and design, planning your book and producing the illustrations in a way that suits YOUR story. We’ll give you the opportunity to try out a range of media, both traditional and digital, to create your images.
    Create your own comic book – This class will focus on allowing students to use the superhero they created and watch him/her come to life in a full comic book that they can personalize through guided instruction from professionals. Watch out Disney … we have got a whole line up of new superheroes!

    Do It Yourself (rent an easel)
    Rent an easel with us to express yourself in DIY (Do It Yourself). DIY painting sessions are perfectly suited for adults and children whether you’re a first-timer, painting for fun or a professional artist. Spare a few hours of time for yourself to express through the mediums of art. These sessions are designed to help you let go and be creative to experience and communicate through art. The art supplies are available for purchase for your convenience. Choose the canvas size, paint, clay or a medium you like and begin expressing!
    Full-year Course (36 Weeks, 72 Lessons of 108 Hours)
    1. Foundation Level Course
    (Perceive, Practice and Prepare)
    (12 Weeks, 24 Lessons of 36 Hours)

    In the foundation level course, members will perceive the basics of the elements of art, practice with mixing paint and prepare themselves for the course. Members can set up a palette and paint what you see. Members will experiment with different styles, art tools and explore the vast mediums including dry and wet. The course is designed for all ability levels and ages to learn how to paint from mimicking to mastering. All are welcome in this hands-on course.

    2. Intermediate Level Course
    (Emulate, Experiment and Explore)
    (12 Weeks, 24 Lessons of 36 Hours)

    In the intermediate level course, members will start with emulating the style and work of other artists to begin their artistic journey. However, soon they will start with experimenting and exploring their own opportunities. Members will learn how to use different mediums and experiment with different tools to achieve their desired effects and outcomes. Members will explore the possibilities of the wet and dry mediums to find out their best fit medium. In the intermediate course, members will be given an ample opportunity to reach to their next level with every activity.

    3. Advanced Level Course
    (Contemplate, Create and Communicate)
    (12 Weeks, 24 Lessons of 36 Hours)

    In the advanced level course, members will develop their creativity and imagination through more sustained activities. The activities done at this level will help learners to build on what you already know and improve your practical and critical skills to extend knowledge and experience of materials, processes and practices. The activities offered at this level will help develop technical competence and manipulative skills necessary to communicate in two and three-dimensions. Members can engage confidently in the contemporary world, art from different times and cultures and become more independent in using the visual language to communicate your own ideas, feelings and meanings.
    Members will learn how to contemplate through concepts and develop them to create and finally able to communicate through the visual mediums.

    Events and Art Parties

    Events and parties are customized based on the personal and corporate requirements. Please contact Mr. Rajeshwar (+91 7338439197) for the details.

    Workshops and Seminars

    Members will pay workshop charges accordingly when these are announced.

    Personalized Gifts or Souvenir

    We take orders for personalized gifts, paintings, crockery and many more. Contact Mr. Rajeshwar (+91 7338439197) for more details.