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IGCSE/IBDP/NID   |   Portfolio Preparation for Higher Studies


    What is a Portfolio?
    • It is your visual diary / Journal
    • It shows the development of your work and ideas
    • It is a record of what you have done so far
    • It is an expression of your personality
    • It is a demonstration of your ability
    Why is a portfolio so important?
    • It documents your creative journey
    • It is the most important means to evaluate your potential
    • It shows how I have developed and how I may progress
    • It shows the development of my abilities and ideas over a period of time
    What should a portfolio show?
    • Evidence of your creative and technical skills
    • Evidence of your personality
    • Evidence of your process for developing ideas
    • Evidence of your ability to evaluate
    How to prepare portfolio?
    • Make your portfolio memorable
    • Show range of ideas
    • Your selected pieces should include – your most successful work as well as experimental studies
    • Do not copy from existing images study from direct observation

    Your portfolio should

    1. Demonstrate your creative potential
    2. Demonstrate your ability to work with various themes
    3. Demonstrate technical skill
    4. Demonstrate your ability to develop concepts
    5. Demonstrate a focus and an in depth understanding of your chosen subject area
    6. Demonstrate your ability to work with a range of materials, processes and techniques
    7. Demonstrate a clear vision of the direction of your work
    8. A range of work using different media
    9. A range of sources and proper acknowledgement
    10. A selection of your most successful ideas, resulting in various outcomes
    11. Exploration of concepts and visual research