Vision Statement

  • Inspire, create awareness and celebrate through art and culture

    Why Bring into Being (BiB)?

    In Bring into Being (BIB), we want to introduce a holistic approach to our lifestyle. In today’s world, the emphasis is to produce a better score, better performance and better outcome, and so on. In this competitive and comparative world, we tend to ignore our well-being and can easily lose ourselves. At BiB, we want to try and steal those few valuable hours of yours to introduce you to courses which will help you connect with your roots, to be more unique and creative.

    At BiB, we believe that art is a hub for all learning and the most powerful mode of communication. As we know, visuals play a vital role in everyday life. Observation dominates and consumes 75-80% of human’s sensory input. The foundation of this can be traced back to an early age when a child first recognizes colors around them. By practicing art, one can learn to be more creative and expressive as well as serving as an outlet for creative expression. Being creative means being fearless, open-minded and a risk-taker. Doing art, one can learn the skills of creativity, critical thinking and confidence, while also thinking out of the box, which helps in real life to face personal or professional challenges. Practicing art also helps develop a different perspective towards the challenges one faces while at the same time learning to express and communicate in a more effective way.

    BiB aims to inspire and create an interest in the arts by encouraging and promoting it. BiB is a learner-friendly center that aims to hold open discussions on art while providing the liberty to explore and express creativity. The center facilitates an environment of inquirers and reflective thinkers while offering different courses for individualized learning for all abilities and ages of learners.

    BiB helps independent learners to build their confidence through artistic expression and the platform to review, reflect and refine their artwork. The center facilitates learners to be critical thinkers to solve artistic problems while expressing themselves visually. The center provides space for learners to be risk-takers to explore techniques and experiment with different mediums.

    BiB strongly supports reducing the global carbon footprint by integrating environmental awareness into art projects. Artworks are created to bring awareness of an eco-friendly environment to realize that we all have a commitment to act to make a positive difference in our own lives and as well as to the environment around us.